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Bag Industry Needs to Be Creative

  • Posted: 03/15/2016 15:21:25
  • Edited: 03/15/2016 15:33:48
  • Clicks: 8

Suitcase and bags industry need to be more creative. According to the data provided by the China Bags association, China Bags industry products import and export tariff presented some new characterist...

Analysis of Export of China’s Bags

  • Posted: 03/07/2016 16:22:07
  • Edited: 03/07/2016 16:32:23
  • Clicks: 4

Analysis of export of China bags 1, the mix of the export products From the export mix of China bags, "suitcases made of plastic or textile material, or small handbags" (tariff no. : 4202129...


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