• How to Deal With Mildew

How to Deal With Mildew

1. In order to prevent leather bag from mildew creation, it is necessary to pay much attention to these following points:

1) Maintain neatness of the leather bag and its surrounding environment.
Some substance can produce mildew such as dirt, thus, cleaning out all suspicious mildew substance is an effective way for leather bag to be stayed away from mildew creation. And also, after the leather bag being used, there is a need to clean up all the parts of bag before maintaining it, and totally dry it, this is also an important step to keep it from mildew creation.

2)At the other aspect, storing the leather bag in a place that is dry and ventilated.
Damp could be such a decisive factor if mildew creates. Under dry well ventilated place, even it is a little dirty, mildew would not easily produce. Therefore, it is really helpful to keep the leather bag in some places which are dry and ventilated to avoid mildew creation.

2.In the situation of mildew creation, use these following methods to clear it up:

1) Use flossy towel being immersed into hot water to scrub the leather bag gently, be attention the rubbing force not to be too heavy. Under the case of being ensured not to damage the leather cover, try to clean out the bag surface of mildew, avoid to use ethyl alcohol or polish remover these kinds of strong and inferior products for scrubbing. After scrubbing, naturally airing it in the shade place, after that, use special maintaining oil to keep it. 

2) Slight mildew might have some mark even after cleaning, in this situation, we could use color relevant maintaining oil such as black or brown special oil to keep maintaining, this action could have good clean result.

3) If leather bag has serious mildew condition, using general cleaning is not efficient enough to clear it up, in this case, bring leather bag to professional shop, let them help us, do not want to solve it by poor tools, it will damage bag more seriously.

4) Professional shop and some dry cleaner shops which provide maintaining skill must be concentrated on the feature of leather bag itself, choose pigment paste and other harmonic proportion of nurse agent properly, otherwise it will cause nonuniform color. Especially for aniline, half-aniline and waxy material, it is necessary to adjust the proportion between materials, accordingly, there will be some effective on cleaning mildew, and the most importantly, maintain beautiful bag surface.

5) If the mildew become out of control, and it is helpless to use all the above methods, recommending that take leather bag to professional laundry room which is able to wash and maintain leather bag.

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