• Bag Industry Needs to Be Creative

Bag Industry Needs to Be Creative

Suitcase and bags industry need to be more creative. According to the data provided by the China Bags association, China Bags industry products import and export tariff presented some new characteristics: one is the bilateral or multilateral free trade area preferential tariff rate and scope continues to increase. Our country will implement the agreed tariff rate with free trade agreement countries and regions. The tariff rate is lower than the discount rate. Secondly, we will continue to cut import tariffs for some semi-finished leather temporarily. Preferential tariffs will be conducive to reduce the cost of the importer, and help foreign high-end brands enter China market with confidence and passion. Furthermore, it will help local and foreign bag companies come into China's domestic market. 

In this context, China bags industry will help oversea companies to set up trade procurement, promote the brand and expand the channels of trade platform, to meet a new round of competition in the market. At present, there are about 250 million children under 14 years old in China, about 90 million children in the big cities, children's consumption accounted for about 25% of the total household income, and increasing at an annual rate of more than 9%. 

In the face of such a large business opportunities, the children's bag brand should be competitive in the market, in terms of quality, style, comfort and environmental protection to promote the children's bag market flourishing. The bag industry will strengthen cooperation with key industry association, and make full use of international footwear exhibition (GDS) of global resources, inviting more brands, wholesalers, importers, traders at home and abroad, China's agents, distributors, department stores, shopping centers, franchisees and other target buyer exhibition to find more appropriate buyers. 

In addition, there will be arrangement in booth, brand publicity, personalized design and site billboards, etc. for further upgrading and promotion of children's shoes enterprises. To enhance the level of trade, China bag industry should be more creative and competitive, encouraging the original design and excavating creative talents. This year we expect more original designs, which can lead the trend. And we hope the appearance of breathtaking kids bags in the international market.

Bag Industry Needs to Be Creative

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