• Luggage Buckle Knowledge and Test Methods

Luggage Buckle Knowledge and Test Methods

Here are some luggage buckle knowledge and test methods for you to refer:
1. Luggage buckle classification
Bag Button has generally been divided into plug series (also known as the side button), hook series, rope buckle series, rubber foot series, the series of garment auxiliary material, metal buckle series, pull rod series, tags, etc. And among the above, some are often used, such as buckle, rope, hook clasp, rubber feet, shoulder pads and hardware.
2. All kinds of luggage buckle material, characteristics, purpose and other:
A. female buckle
The choice of material is commonly POM. Button consists of the male and female, both ends of suture with a belt respectively. According to the different needs and we can select the length of the ribbon, commonly used in the shoulder and waist fixing. For more effective play to the role of the insert button, now a more convenient and scientific buckle appeared, such as stealth female for replacement. This is a kind of button which can be easily replaced without suture belt buckle. Another kind is three directions buckle, namely "Y" type buckle, which is often used in baby stroller security products, and female buckle can be designed, according to customer's intention and authorization, with color sign or LOGO, as well as plating, silk screen and colored drawing.
B. male buckle
Its material is commonly POM, PA, and PP. In general, hook buckle, D buckle, pressing buckle, tri-buckle, square buckle, ladder buckle are collectively referred to the hook buckle, and hook buckle and D buckle are usually used at the same time, the tri-buckle plays an adjustment role to the length of the buckle, and ladder buckle in the ribbon side, playing a major role in fixing. Hook buckle can be printed and electroplated. The ladder buckles are often designed with the LOGO on top of it.

Luggage Buckle Knowledge and Test Methods

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